Understand your goals and give support in order to update online goals of your business. Know your key performance indicators and deliver a plan to measure the performance of the developed and/or improved interface. These are the goals of our business.

Consulting e Research

User Research
The function, size and flow generated by your website, e-commerce or web application depend on the needs of your customers.

We will help in understanding your target public and discover new clients, with consistent focus on navigation of your website to ensure excellent user experience.
Competitive analysis
Evaluation of your competitors in the web environment.

Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses to leverage the structure and content, through an organized strategy.
Usability audit

Assessment of what the system does and what does not work properly on your existing site (identifying the flow of users), to assure the ideal solution for your brand.

Content Audit
Evaluation of the current content structure to understand its connection for each key element of your business.

Review and restructuring of content to best meet the search engines and the end user.

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